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Hello, I'm Erik White I develop websites, business applications, administrative backends, mobile apps, and much more. I work closely with a highly experienced group of designers and developers. We guide your most ambitious ideas to fruition.

I myself am a software developer with almost 3 years of experience. I specialize in fullstack development using Laravel and Vue. I hold processes to the highest value, as well as transparency and communication. I never stop feeding my mind with new knowledge, expanding my skillsets every day.





my personal passion project

ThriveMind Society

It started with an idea.. ThriveMind Society, loosely based on the concept of the Hive Mind, is my personal business where I help spread positivity and growth through education, community and tools. As a developer, I create all of my own tools - the entire platform, really. I create my own content, engage in community outreach, and spend a considerable amount of time on this project - I see it as my primary mission.

At ThriveMind Society I love teaching what I am learning for myself. The cutting edge concepts in health maintenance, exercise, and spiritual growth. My sole tech stack is Laravel and Vue, which I use extensively for all of my project works.

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Medium Blog Posts

Feb 7, 2019 | Progressive Web App

Dynamic PWA SPA

A Vue SPA PWA, created with the Vue CLIv3, served by a Laravel backend that allows for white labelling and custom phone screen icons

May 31, 2019 | Laravel TDD

Array Driven Model Tests

A quick trick to get your Laravel Model Tests neat, organized, and absent of duplicant code

Jan 31, 2019 | Laravel Eloquent

A Common Eloquent Problem

ORM's typically provide easy, intuitive methods for accessing models. However, a common downfall occurs when novice programmers overlook one thing..

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A sample of my key skills


I specialize in Javascript, namely VueJS.


I work primarily with PHP ( Laravel )


I extensively use MySQL and IndexedDB

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Code Snippets

A simple game that I created to complete a code challenge. I built it out of a Vue component within a Laravel project, as per the instructions, and the laravel project features some functionality such as: Start a new game, see past games, see leaderboard of players, and handle authentication and signup ( using laravels preset auth ). The vue game itself features some cool functionality such as the ability to play PvP or PvC or even CvC. I programmed the AI myself, named it Zuckerberg, ( its easy to beat, you just have to know how to setup a double-cross ). The coolest feature is the move-rewind and playback. So you can 'take-back' a turn, and this same mechanic allows you to 'playback' entire games from the past. The game states are synced with the MySQL database, and the game->state relationship is hasMany. The player->game relationship is manyToMany to allow for spectators as well, which wasn't implemented yet.

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I've tutored students for the past 3 years, getting clients from a great website called Wyzant. I used to teach math from Alegebra to Calculus ( and when I get a request I'll still take a job here and there ) but recently I started taking their remote code tutoring jobs. Honestly, this is mostly kids trying to get me to do their bootcamp projects or CS degree homework assignments, and admittedly I've done a few. I got the idea a month or two ago to upload some of the simpler code snippets to CodePen to use as both an easy code-transfer system as well as a little resume piece ( for what its worth.. there's nothing necessarily amazing about these snippets.. other than displaying that I know how to manipulate DOM with vanilla JS ). Check them out

A tutoring assignment I helped finish for student recently. I used CSS grid to display the squares ( purely for educational purposes on what CSS grid is ), and complete vanilla javascript with event listeners and DOM manipulation to control the game mechanics. Also you cant make a move unless its 'your turn'. I blew through a common issue that I also faced with tic-tac-toe where I learned that there is a common complication with using 'setTimeout()' within a forEach loop. If you don't multiply the index of the loop by the timeout length, all of the iterations go at once. So anyways, I wanted to put this up because I commented it out heavily and it is an interesting show of my code style and usage of vanilla javascript, so play a few rounds.

recent projects

My Brief Portfolio

Remelo App 2019-Present

A business loan provider, still in construction, Remelo includes an application process for small businesses to acquire loans to continue operation. Built upon Laravel and Vue, we utilize a lot of event observables, email correspondence, and AdminLTE.

ConfirmX 2019-Present

Tasked to rebuild a HIPPA compliant chat system, I am overseeing a team of developers. Acting as architect, lead developer, and code compliance manager. This app is built off of Laravel, with Vue on the front end. This app is a great learning lesson in managing a team of developers, including how to both create and enforce code standards.

RealRewards+ 2017-2019

A loyalty rewards program for merchants, with text-onboarding and programmable reward multipliers. Built upon CakePHP 2.x, we used a long list of API integrations, including direct integration with CloverPOS. This project taught me a lot about high-level architecting and managing database model relationships. A huge challenge we had to manage was that users could either sign up with a phone number OR an email address, making us create an account merge mechanism.

Text Express 2017-2019

A text message marketing platform that allows merchants to blast campaigns out to tens of thousands of customers. Includes a PHP API with an administrative front-end built with a mix of Vue and JQuery. This was my first project integrating Vue with a custom webpack configuration, connecting to a CakePHP API.

Text Express 2017-2019

A text message marketing platform that allows merchants to blast campaigns out to tens of thousands of customers. Includes a PHP API with an administrative front-end built with a mix of Vue and JQuery. This was my first project integrating Vue with a custom webpack configuration, connecting to a CakePHP API.

Express Orders 2017-2019

A Vue SPA PWA with a Laravel Backend. This was my first major project that I handled almost entirely on my own. I hooked the SPA into a CakePHP API with CORS permission controls, and implemented Javascript RSA encryption for credit card checkout. We also integrated this app into CloverPOS to allow for the actual placing of orders on a merchant's terminal, as well as an administrative backend built with Vue for merchants to manage their menu.

Emily Lagrange 2018

A simple static html website ( much like this very website ) made for Emily Lagrange, an Ironhack student graduated from the full-time UX/UI design course. Creating these two websites showed me how to develop and host basic websites for next to zero money, including hosting and domain registration, form configuration and the capability for furhter integration with back-end systems and vue-components.

Yoga Fawn 2016

A simple wordpress website built for a yoga instructor in my home town. This served as one of my first projects when I began as a website developer. I used to co-own a development LLC from 2016-2017 with a mentor of mine, and through that I learned the basics of how the internet worked, how to manage server deployments and navigate remote file systems, as well as the basics of front-end development with JQuery and Bootstrap